Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fish Finders Under $200 You Should Choose

Afish finder is an essential buy for you if you don’t just love fishing, but are a true fishing enthusiast; all you need is a good weather day, your boat and a fishing rod and all is good with your life. Even if you are a fishing enthusiast who is just starting out, your fishing quality will be greatly improved if you find yourself the best fish finder for you. There are numerous different kinds of makes and models of fish finders on the market, some incredibly high end and others dirt cheap.
However, somewhere amidst all of those there is one fish finder that is just the perfect mix for you. If you want to stick to a budget and find something that still has some pretty good features, then rest assured that there are plenty of options for you to be found on the market. In fact, you can find some of the best fish finders under $200, which though not cheap is not too expensive either. So, if you are new to fishing or you are an expert in your field, and are looking for a bargain find, then read on to find more about the best fish finders under $200.
  • Deeper Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder

There are several people who prefer to fish from a stationary spot such as from a river bank, on top of a bridge, or even beside an embankment so that they don’t use or need a boat to fish. For such sedentary fishing enthusiasts there is also an excellent option for a fish finder; the Deeper DP0H10S10. This fish finder is ideal for deciding the exact spot to set up all your gear in and find the maximum amount of fish to make your fishing day successful.
This make of fish finder is capable of making readings at the depth of 130 feet, which is quite decent for fishing at a fixed point. It also comes with a dual 90/290 kHz beam. You can also connect the Deeper to your smartphone or tablet with the help of Bluetooth, and this way get a better view of the information transmitted by the fish finder. It is able to work very well with both iOS and Android devices. However, the Deeper must be used while set completely in water; incorrect usage or too much bubbly activity in the water can sometimes make it give a slightly inaccurate reading.
  • iBobberCastable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

This fish finder is somewhat similar to the Deeper one, but it is located at a lower price point and does not have quite as many features except for the most crucial basics, though it has some wondrous qualities of its own. The iBobber is capable of making readings at the maximum depth of 135 feet, it is able to identify and distinguish between two different sizes of fish, which is quite a handy feature for your fish finder to have.
Additionally, this fish finder also has GPS tags, lunar weather mapping, fish alarms, and even a Water Temp LED Beacon. These pack quite a punch in to this one small fish finder which makes for an affordable yet excellent fishing experience. The iBobber also has a total battery life of eight hours. This is quite a decent amount compared to some of the other fish finders which make tall claims, but do not actually act on those. However, in order to get the most out of this fish finder, you must ensure that the battery is fully charged and that you follow the instructions of use to a tee.
  • Garmin Striker 4

This fish finder is one sturdy piece of fishing equipment and is among the finest fish finders in the budget of $200. Though it is very small and unassuming in its size, it has a plethora of features packed into its small body and offers you the most bang for your buck. Among other handy features, the Garmin Striker 4 comes equipped with a GPS sensor which is capable of saving different locations on its map at your discretion. This way you can mark any spots that you have liked fishing at over the course of time, and easily select the location on the fish finder and it would lead you back there.
This fish finder also comes with the latest CHIRP technology. This enables fishers to not only view fishing arches, but to do so at a higher resolution than ever before. Among its best features are some that are unique to the Garmin Striker 4 and are quite the innovative picks by its makers. These include among others the remarkable feature of the split screen view; it enables you to, for instance, look at the map while keeping an eye out for the fish at the same time.
  • Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder

This Lowrance fish finder is another one of the kind of fish finders that come jam packed with unbelievable features considering the small size of the device. To start of, it is one among the few fish finders that come with a colored screen, and it can operate at two distinct frequency ranges. This essentially means that on one range you can scan a larger area to find fish, and once you have found those fish you can switch to the other frequency range and scan the precise area at which the fish are located and assess their different sizes.
Additionally, at the higher fishing frequency, the fish finder enables you to have a more detailed idea of the area in which the fish are located and can look deeper in to that area as well. Among other fish finders under $200, this Lowrance Elite 3X stands out by a mile both due to its more obvious features, and the minor ones as well such as the durable make of this model, the colored LED display screen, and the fish ID. This is one fish finder you definitely want to look more in to.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tips for Surviving a Water Crisis

The human body is designed in such a way that it can survive a month without consuming any food, but it falls apart without water intake for even a few days. You never know when a crisis could strike and sweep away from you any purified water. Add to this water pollution that is so commonly prevalent around the world, and you have a recipe for disaster. The best survival water filter could then be your friend and aid you in having a decent supply of purified water. Consider different survival water filter reviews before deciding on one to make the best choice.

  • Always have a stock of bottled water at hand

Whether you are on the road or right at home, the easiest means to get water is to open up a bottle of water and drink from it. Bottled water comes in large cases which are both economical and the easiest way to store water in case a crisis should arise. This is also the easiest means for storing water because it is compact and so you can pile it up in any spare corner of your home.

  • You can never have enough

It is when you are without water that you realize just how much water you use on every day basis and all the reasons why you use it. So, even when you have drinking water takes care of with bottled water, you then need to make arrangements to have water available for other purposes such as making food, washing clothes and the likes. Do your research, and depending on the number of people you have at home, have a tank or two at hand that can hold enough water to last a while for all of you.

  • Learn how to purify water

It is inevitable in the case of a water crisis or water pollution in your area that you must purify the water available to you or prepare yourself for certain infections and illnesses transmitted to you through the water. There are several different means by which water can be purified depending on the situation and the amount of water being purified. The simplest way to do so is through boiling water. However, this is not always feasible in which case there are other methods using sand, charcoal and rocks, or even iodine and chlorine among others. 
  •  Know the hidden water resources
There are three major sources of water that we often forget to think of when preparing to be safe during a water survival need. The first one is the natural source of rain water which is very much safe for you to drink, so when or if it rains where you live you can store the rain water and use it. If you live in a house, then the hot water tank likely located in your basement is sure to have water in it, but be sure to turn it off before you access that water. Lastly, fire hydrants also have a huge store of water which can be used in emergency situations.

  • Be aware of the quality of your tap water

Often we overlook the tap water in our home and take it for granted that it is likely to be clean and free of any contamination. However, contamination is not only present where it can be seen, but it can be present even where it is unseen. So, ask around and find out about the local tap water situation and depending on what you find install a survival water filter in your tap in order to safeguard yourself and your family from any harm.

  • Educate yourself on undrinkable water

There are certain water resources which are either naturally composed in such a way as renders them undrinkable or are purposely formulated in such a way as that. Firstly and most obviously, do not in any case access the water in toilet bowls and tanks as it is completely unsafe for you. Waterfound in radiators, swimming pools and even spas has had components added to it that make it unhealthy for consumption which could make you extremely sick and require seek immediate medical help.

  • Equip yourself today
Most people start to learn about things after a crisis or disaster has occurred in their life, though a better approach is to keep yourself prepared ahead of time for any situation. It is likely that if a crisis of water is about to occur where you live then you would have heard murmurs about it in advance. Begin to educate and inform yourself and your family, maybe even your neighbors if you are that cozy with them, so that you can all take action today without any delay.